Road Trip out West, May 12 2015

Driving out West from Winnipeg to Weyburn Saskatchewan and camping all the way.

The first stop on any road trip is the Timmies
The lovely VW Jetta TSi we rented from AVIS


Headingly highway construction jus west of Winnipeg


The old Trans Canada Highway just west of Winnipeg (?) by the Dominion Lands Survey System Marker


Old Highway. Yellow painted line.


West of Winnipeg on Highway 1. The Dominion Lands Survey Marker. The Principal Meridian. Placed 1871.



Manitoba Farm Land and Wild Prairie Sky



Bugs eye view of the highway



Highway 26 from Headingly to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba


Old building on the side of the road, Highway 26, Manitoba


Portage la Prairie, MCC Thrift Shop





Off Beat Antiques, Carberry Manitoba





Vintage hooks with block and tackle


Carberry Manitoba


Carberry Manitoba



The Style Shop




Old Ghost sign, Vintage Painted Advert, Carberry





Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba


Manitoba Bison





Assiniboine River though Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba


Marshs Lake, Manitoba




Green Lichen growing on an Oak tree





Souris Manitoba



Souris Manitoba





Souris Manitoba



The Woodfired Deli, Souris Manitoba


The Woodfired Deli, Souris Manitoba




Old Green Door


Vintage One Way Sign


The Gibboney Self Locking Chute





Souris Manitoba


Vintage Third Avenue Sign




Manitoba Marsh Land, west of Souris on highway 2




Old prairie windmill.



Very old solid metal tractor wheels



Wood and grass





Pumpjack. South east corner of Saskatchewan




Angry face in the clouds




Camping in Weyburn Saskatchewan


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