Road Trip out West, May 10 2017

We spend a day in Saskatoon, exploring this cool city, and of course looking at vinyl record shops and bookstores. Regina is OK, but come on, Saskatoon is tight.

Poached Breakfast Bistro, Saskatoon


Brad Kimball makes cool photos with drawings on them, Saskatoon


Nissan Micra, on the road


Excellent terra cotta art is Saskatoon by Victor Cicansky “The Old Working Class” 1978



The Sturdy Stone Building, Saskatoon. Very cool Architecture.


Photography by Adam Finn
Bosch Battery Coil, Peerless Motor Car


This might be Al Capone’s limousine car. A 1936 Pierce-Arrow Limousine at the Western Canadian Development Museum.


Painted rocks by the bridge, Saskatoon.


Vinyl Diner, design by Odelay, Saskatoon


Carson Murray from Pictou, Nova Scotia makes us some popcorn. He is camping all across Canada all May out of the back of his car, like we are. He has a business that turns Keurig Coffee cups into recycled materials and uses the coffee grounds to make lactic acid from fancy engineered biological organisms. Cool!


Leif Norman. Bathroom mirror selfie



The alleys of Saskatoon


Lobby of the Senator Hotel, Saskatoon





URAL motorcycle


Mariott Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon