Rhymes With Orange Vintage shop, Dec 30 2011

“Rhymes With Orange”

on a related note, Blorenge is a Hill in South East Wales.

Winnipeg’s newest Vintage clothing and housewares boutique opened at the beginning of December 2011.

Doug Shand, Stefanie Hiebert and Erin Thiessen team up in the former location of All City Modern Convenience at 223 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg.

Doug used to be around the corner at 88 Albert street and the store was called Vintage Glory. See images HERE.

Stefanie and Erin were selling their vintage clothes and housewares out of a fab 1956 trailer calling the operation “oh so lovely!”, and before that worked at Para-Mix in Osborne Village.

223 McDermot Ave used to be a place called Pure Lard. A fantastic restaurant that was only around for a few years in the early 90’s. They had “exotic” stuff like lemon grass soup and a Tom Baker Dr Who pinball machine in the back.

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Canada Day in Osborne Village 2011
Canada Day in Osborne Village 2011
Winnipeg Fringe Fest 2011


Winnipeg Fringe Fest 2011


Stefanie Hiebert of Rhymes with Orange




Erin Thiessen of Rhymes with Orange


hand painted 1950’s cocktail tie with a semi naked girl on it


Doug Shand, finder of awesome Vintage stuff in Winnipeg



vintage kitchen stuff in Winnipeg





Rhymes with Orange Vintage reminds you of the 60’s





nice vintage beaded purse


Rhymes with Orange Vintage Clothing, Accessories & Housewares, 223 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg


Rhymes with Orange Vintage clothing and housewares, 223 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg. In the Bate building



Marching band jacket!



Books in the fridge? Crazy!



One plus One design also sell their stuff here.



Design + Illustration


card sets, screen prints, tags


Knitted Hipster sweaters. Used to be awful. Now totally cool.



Excellent vintage tin ceiling. Winnipeg’s Exchange District











Travel bags from the 70’s







An excellent selection of sunglasses





Vintage colours and patterns












Fun jewelry!


Old Miller Beer zippo lighter





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