Iceland; Reykjavik to Stykkishólmur

Amazing Icelandic landscape. Lava. Streams full of fish.

Leif visits where “Leif the Lucky” was born.


Almost all of the creeks in Iceland had a few fishermen on them; but not this one.



Snorri Sturluson's bathtub; Snorralaug (Reykjanes)
Snorri Sturluson statue. The hills around this place were smoking with hydrothermal activity!


The Icelandic food is a bit too fishy and lamby for me.


Icelandic Lava landscape


Icelandic Lava landscape


Close up of Icelandic Lava rock


Harbour at Búðardalur


Casey Norman. This is near Búðardalur where Leif Erikson was born. This is a re-creation of the house that Erik the Red (Eiriksstaðir) built, who went from there to discover Greenland. He was the father of Leifur "Heppni" Eiríksson (Leif the Lucky)



Amazing Icelandic landscape


Near Stykkishólmur there is an old boat wrecked near the shore.


The Icelandic sheep always like to travel in threes.




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