Rendezvous on the Ice, Feb 14 2014

Rendezvous on Ice
February 14 – 17 • Friday and Saturday 12 – 9pm
Sunday 12 – 6pm • Monday 12pm – 4pm
Join in the Voyageur spirit right on the Red River Mutual Trail with traditional food, drink (beer and Caribou), music and joie de vivre!

Torchlight Walk
February 14 • 6pm
Join the cheerful crowd as they walk from Rendez Vous on Ice to Voyageur Park for an exceptional stroll lighted by hundreds of candles and torch lights.

Fashion on Ice
February 16 • 3pm

Family Rendez Vous on the Red River Mutual Trail
February 17 • 12pm – 4pm
Free activities for all ages: Games, adventure and much more!





TeePees at The Forks, Winnipeg





Happy Voyageurs, Winnipeg




Silver Fox Pelts, Manitoba




a party on the ice, The Forks, Winnipeg





Isaac Girardin spins the fire!



A Torchlight Walk at the Festival de Voyageur, Winnipeg














The Voyageurs fire off their muskets.




The Saint Paul Klinker men. Bringing Warmth to Winter.







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