Ras-Tamils CD release party, April 20 2012

at the Exchange Community Church

75 Albert street, Winnipeg


Franklin Fernando (song writer/ lead singer), J. R. Hill (Bass/ producer), Carlen Geroge (back up vocals/ key board), Dan Moroz (Saxaphone), Martin Valach (Drums), Ryan McEihoes (Lead guitar), Daniel Thau-Elieff (Harmonica), Esan Azore (Vocals), Veronica Driedger (vocals)


A Winnipeg sidewalk scene


Outside the Exchange Community Church, 75 Albert street, Winnipeg


Winnipeg's Soul Reggae band, The Ras-Tamils



Peter Baureiss pounds the drum


Dan Moroz honks the Sax










The Ras-Tamils, a Winnipeg Soul Reggae band



That's some good dreadlocks















The famous Winnipeg Tommy



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