Pulford Improv Palace, Jan 5 2005

Improv nights at the Augustine United Church on Pulford, Winnipeg.

Crumbs; Lee White and Stephen Sim

204; Michal Grajewski and Jeff Sinclair

Outside Joke: RobYn Slade, Toby Hughes, Caroline Sabourin, Andrea Del Campo, Chadd Henderson and Jane Testar

Michal Grajewski and Jeff Sinclair, being funny


Michal Grajewski and Jeff Sinclair





Lee White and Stephen Sim; CRUMBS


Andrea del Campo, Chadd Henderson, and RoByn Slade; Vintage Outside Joke, 2005








Outside Joke looking tough


Outside Joke: Toby Hughes, Jane Testar, RobYn Slade, Andrea Del Campo, Carolyn Sabourin, Chadd Henderson


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