Project Bookmark Canada Plaque Unveiling, Oct 24 2013


Project Bookmark Canada is pleased to announce its first Bookmark in Winnipeg. On October 24th at 11 a.m., a Bookmark installation bearing a passage from Carol Shields’ The Republic of Love will be unveiled at the corner of River Avenue and Osborne Street, on the site of the Gas Station Arts Centre. The Bookmark is part of a national series that puts text from stories and poems in the exact physical locations where literary scenes take place.

Winnipeg is a significant new location for the literary charity, as it works toward creating a network of sites and stories that will cross the country. “We have Bookmarks in Newfoundland, Ontario and British Columbia,” said Project Bookmark Canada founder and executive director, Miranda Hill, “but this Winnipeg installation anchors our initiative in the country’s geographic centre. It will be a great springboard to new Bookmarks to the North and South, as well as to the East and West.””


Miranda Hill, Chandra Mayor and Armin Wiebe





Geof Langen and Winnipeg City Councillor Jenny Gerbasi




Project Bookmark Canada founder and Executive Director, Miranda Hill











Jenny Gerbasi, Winnipeg City Councillor – Fort Rouge East Fort Garry



Donald Shields with one of Carol’s books







Chandra Mayor; University of Winnipeg Carol Shields Writer in Residence, 2014



Don and Jenny reveal the plaque at River and Osborne




A group of Winnipeggers, dressed for the cold weather


Project Bookmark Canada, Winnipeg




Project Bookmark Canada founder and Executive Director, Miranda Hill



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