Procter Bros. Industries, Jan 17 2014

“Procter Bros. Industries is a video production, animation and design company based in Winnipeg’s North End and then in the Exchange District. Sean and Christian Procter have a long history of making things and doing things, and in 2011 they decided it was about time they got paid for it.

The company was founded in 1975, when Sean was born and immediately appointed as chairman of the board. Originally working mostly with finger paints, paper mache, and painted macaroni glued to jars, they have recently expanded into graphic design, video production and animation.”

Check out this amazing Lytics video that Sean and Christian made:

Sean Procter sets up the camera


Christian Procter sets up the lights



Christian makes the little dudes dance





Procter Bros. animation studio in Winnipeg




Sean runs the computer and Christian makes the movements



Erin Bend helps the Bros. with planning and scheming and ideas and promotion


The crucial beverage station




Lytics animation models




More amazing little guys and gals built by Procter Bros







Stuffed squirrel in a cowboy hat!




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