Portraits of Corey & Danielle King of ZenFri Inc.

“ZenFri Inc. creates and distributes cutting edge art & entertainment across a wide range of digital and traditional mediums. In an increasingly diverse media landscape, ZenFri boldly rethinks narrative conventions, merging mediums and technology in ways never before conceived, allowing our products to stand apart from the competition.”

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Corey King of ZenFri Inc. Winnipeg


Danielle and Corey King, founders of ZenFri Inc. Winnipeg

“ZenFri Inc. was founded by Corey & Danielle King, a husband and wife duo who seek to use traditional and digital frontiers to craft new ways of telling stories, spread innovative ideas, and explore the great circumstance we all find ourselves in.

Our works are connected through a philosophical belief that in the digital age there are no boundaries between mediums. We may seem like a jack of all trades, but we’re really experts in a very specific field: storytelling. What sets us apart is our ability to tell stories in the medium that suits the story best.

While technology and the means to communicate constantly change, society’s need for storytellers remains constant; with a focus on adaption, ZenFri is a company that can maintain market competitive in any climate.

ZenFri Inc. is located in Winnipeg, Canada.”




Danielle King of ZenFri Inc. Winnipeg








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