Pop Up Dinner, by the Young Chefs, Jan 3 2013

“With renovations of the shop coming to an end the fun now starts! The hard work finally pays off for Mike and Joe as the Neon Factory in its new glory is sought out by people all over for neon and even the unexpected! Not only is the Neon Factory the number one place for neon but it has also become a popular venue for events! Just recently The Neon Factory became an amazing location for a very successful pop up dinner. The space has also been used to host parties and for t.v.! After being featured on History Channels popular t.v. show Canadian Pickers The Neon Factory just keeps on growing and glowing! There are still more changes to come! More signs to go up, more prop rentals to be displayed, parties to be had and neon to be made!”

from the Neon Factory website


The Neon Factory, Winnipeg






Winnipeg Pop Up Dinner





Hipster Dinner Party in Winnipeg


Vintage Gottleib Pinball Machines; Jacks Open, Buccaneer



Sexy Calendar from the Fifties




The Young Chefs, private function fine dining, Winnipeg, Max Frank and Jesse Oberman










Sarah Zaharia demonstrates how to do Girly Duckface properly


























Cool old fashioned lunch counter stools









“Winnipeg Turkish Baths and Showers” Neon Sign from the 1920’s Located in the basement of the long lost Royal Alexandra Hotel. This is perhaps Winnipeg’s oldest surviving neon sign.





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