Old Pinawa Dam, Oct 7 2013

“Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park

Located on the Winnipeg River, Pinawa Dam was Manitoba’s first hydro-electric generating station. Pinawa Dam was developed in response to the demand for residential and commercial power and was crucial to the rapid growth of Winnipeg in the pre-war years. The station began delivering power in 1906 and was closed in 1951 to allow the full flow of the Winnipeg River to serve the Seven Sisters Hydro Station built downstream.

Park Directions

Pinawa Dam can be found northwest of Pinawa or northeast of Lac du Bonnet on PR 520. From Winnipeg, follow PTH 59 north to PTH 44, east to PTH 11, north to PR 211, east to PR 520 and north 8.0 km/ 4.9mi. to the park. Distance: 97 km/60.1 mi.”


Old Pinawa Self Guided Trail, Manitoba




Autumn Leaves in Manitoba



Old Pinawa Dam






Old Pinawa Dam


“Welcome to Old Pinawa. Come and explore the original town on the Old Pinawa Self-guiding
Trail. The townsite tour trail is 0.7 km long and should take you about an hour to walk.

As you walk, refer to this pamphlet to find out what once existed at each of the granite trail markers.
Discover the history of this isolated little company town that was self-sufficient and had great community spirit.

This was a pioneering town, but of a different sort. The people of Old Pinawa were pioneers of
hydroelectricity. The residents constructed and operated the first hydroelectric plant of its kind. The
power they provided enabled Winnipeg to grow from a prairie town to an industrial centre.”

The Pinawa hydroelectric plant and town, c. 1920s.
Courtesy of Manitoba Archives: Pinawa Collection 1-1




Pinawa Dam. Manitoba’s First year round Hydroelectric Generating Station. 1903-1951








Old Hydroelectric Francis McCormick Turbine used at Pinawa Dam, built 1903




Turbine Runner from Seven Sisters Power Generating Station


Steel tracks in the concrete, Pinanwa Dam




Old Pinawa Dam, Manitoba



Old Pinawa Dan Cross Section







Old Pinawa Dam, Manitoba















Manitoba Garter Snake









Manitoba Lichen on Manitoba Granite



Lichen Macro




Beautiful Manitoba Autumn Landscape, Lee River, Manitoba
Old Pinawa Dam on the Lee River, East of Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada
Rollicking Manitoba Freshwater








Beer cans at the bottom of a crevasse







Manitoba Canadian Shield, Granite, Quartz, etc…




Old Pinawa Dam, Manitoba


Juniper Shrub, Juniperus Communis, in Manitoba.

 Lets make some Manitoba Gin from Manitoba Juniper Berries.

We could call it “Old Pinawa” Gin!







Juniper in Manitoba




Water Worn Granite



Old Pinawa Dam, Manitoba





Concrete made from blasted Canadian Shield Granite
























Old Pinawa Dam, Manitoba




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