Winnipeg Photographic Services

 in the studio or on location

Leif Norman’s photo studio, 468 Main street, above Parlour Coffee. A clean space to shoot art and people in Winnipeg.
Kevin Roy at Rendezvous sur Glace at the Forks
Kevin Roy at Rendez-vous sur Glace at the Forks. Festival Photography by Leif Norman

 Shooting Events, Festivals, or Corporate Dinners:

$1500 day rate

$750 half day

$150 per hour (minimum 2 hour booking)


Headshots for actors,

entertainers, extras and

background people.

$300 for a full (take your time) session

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 12.06.52 AM

Men and Women, young and old, new and experienced;

you get up to one and a half hours of relaxed studio time,

numerous outfits, poses, looks,

and you get five 400 dpi jpeg 8×10 inch files to print out wherever you wish.

All files from the session, about 200, can be supplied on a disk for you;

but that is usually not necessary because we review the images in the studio, and choose properly.

The $300 session can be booked for anytime you wish.

 We also offer a

 Turbo Headshot Session

Which is a quick half hour session

where you will get one excellent 8×10 file.

The Turbo Headshot Session is $100

$20 for each additional 400 dpi jpeg 8×10 inch file

Please contact to book an appointment.

I take Cash or Cheque made out to Leif Norman.

There is %5 GST and %8 RST on the fees.


Events and festivals

and parties and Jazz concerts

and theatre and dance

and conferences etc…



Ceramic Tea Pot by Inga Torfadottir

Duplicating artworks

this includes all two dimensional, opaque works.

Paintings, etchings, drawings, framed or unframed.

I have shot over 1000 images of different pieces for the Winnipeg Art Gallery

involving a wide variety of old and new works in their collection.

$75 per hour

If you only have ONE item to photograph, there is minimum charge of $50

so it is better value to bring a few pieces of art.

This also includes post processing of cropping and colour correction in Photoshop.

If it takes about an hour to shoot fifteen works in the studio, then it will also take that same amount of time on the computer to prepare all the files.

You will get the original RAW file, a full sized 21 megapixel tif file, for printing, and two jpg files; one small and one large for online blog usage and emailing galleries samples of the work.


If you wish to photograph your own art work,

I have written a detailed description of how to do it here;


 Photographing three dimensional artworks

this includes ceramics, pottery, sculpture, glass, fabric and silk.

$15 to $20 each

(They are much more fun to shoot than paintings but they take a lot more time to light and get the mood right.)


Professional Portrait; Ken MacKinnon architect, formerly with ft3, Winnipeg


Professional Portraits     $100

Everyone needs a good photo of themselves;

lawyers, politicians, musicians, stand up comics, lecturers, estate agents, doctors, architects.

Quick and snappy. It should only take about 20 minutes in the studio.

John K. Samson, amazing musician

“Thanks Leif!  It was fun!  

And, judging by the quality of the photos,

I think you’re part magician.”

Lisa Dreger