Parking Day and Piano, Sept 16 2016

Winnipeg Design Festival.


Graham Ave, and Edmonton St.

PARK(ing) Day is an annual, global event where citizens, artists, designers and activists transform metered parking spaces into temporary public parks, raising awareness of the importance of creating humane, sustainable, urban culture.

Multiple installations from a diverse range of groups transform parking stalls into ‘pop-up’ places that encourage Winnipeggers from all walks of life to consider issues like the importance of public space ownership, car addiction, active living, healthy communities and the value of street life.

The Mixed Media Music Maker

is an interactive public art project created by Art City participants in partnership with Freig & Associates, a neighbourhood community planning firm. The work will make use of mixed media sculpture and reclaimed musical instruments and will be installed in Edward Carriere Salon’s Broadway courtyard, the site of of an ongoing place-making experiment.
Thanks to Edward Carriere Salon and City Councillor Jenni Gerbasi for supporting this project.

Making S’mores in a parking spot!


Parking Day, Winnipeg Design Festival, 2016


Awesome bubble blowing



ArtCity made a music maker.


Canada Piano Co. Limited



Art City Altered Piano, Winnipeg Design Festival





Parking Day 2016, Winnipeg Design Festival 2016



nadi, Winnipeg








Thanks for Everything!







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