Opening Night, WDF, Sept 14 2016


As part of the sixth edition of the Winnipeg Design Festival, we are pleased to share a current ‘snapshot’ of the growing body of work by Winnipeg’s architecture and design community and their take on ‘Housing’ in a Manitoba context.
For this exhibit, twelve local design offices were asked to submit the work that is occupying their current time and thinking. It quickly became apparent a consistent theme of ‘Housing’ emerged as the typology for 2016.

These twelve projects help capture the design and architecture zeitgeist within our province’s small, tight-knit, and passionate community of practitioners and designers. These housing projects range from the recreational abodes of lake-country MB, all the way up to multi-tenant condominium projects within Winnpeg’s city centre.

The past ten years have seen a great amount of growth in the province. From the high-rise condominiums of Winnipeg’s city centre to the surrounding suburb’s single and multi-family residential buildings, to the far-flung housing developments in rural Manitoba, to the summer retreats of recreation and leisure in cabin country around the province and beyond, Manitoba design expresses a diverse breadth of housing typology.

organized by. Ken Borton & Sean Radford


A Conversation on Architecture: Design Festival Edition is an open dialogue on Winnipeg’s built environment. It is a chance to hear how professional designers approach design situations, and hear their thoughts about their approach to design. This year’s conversation will focus around the Winnipeg Design Festival’s theme that good design challenges the way we see the world. What does it mean to be innovative? What can we achieve if we push the boundaries of the conventional? What are the consequences? Join host Terry McLeod in conversation with Architect Gail Little, Interior Designer Erin Riediger, and Landscape Architect Liz Wreford.

organized by Jason Robbins


Creating a piece of well designed furniture involves exploration, experimentation, vision, rigour and craft. See how three simple materials are expressed in a simple and refined way to showcase the inherent beauty of a material and the opportunities that lie within it. Witness the products of 3 of Manitoba’s top designers, Renee Struthers, Clayton Salkeld and Valentin Mittelstet, as they hone their craft in mastering three elements: concrete, wood, and steel.

organized by April DavidTaylor Clackson & Monique Espino














55 Arthur street, Winnipeg



Winnipeg Design Festival








Table Design by Clayton Salkeld





Terry McLeod hosts the panel with Gail Little, Erin Reidiger and Liz Wreford.









Geometric Floor Rectangles. Hardwood and Steel.







Lampshade by Renee Struthers








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