Nuit Blanche at the WAG and William Kurelek opening, Oct 1 2011

Nuit Blanche 2011 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery


Leif is the official photographer for WAG events:

It’s an all-night pandemonium of arts and culture! 6pm, Saturday, October 1 to 6am Sunday October 2.

Free public opening of two exhibitions:

William Kurelek: The Messenger


Precise: Craft and Process

• Live bands on the roof including Mariachi Ghost
• ARTcadia–indie video game arcade programmed by mrghosty
•. A Very Nuit Blanche Film Night presented by the U of W Uniter.
• A new dance work by Jolene Baillie created just for Nuit Blanche
• GroundSwell presents Gyorgy Ligeti’s Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano
• Music in the galleries with the WSO String Quartet
• Flash mob with Miss Lyndsay Ladobruk

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Michel St Hilaire sets up a colouring book style banner outside.

 Michel’s Website

The crowd crashing gates are set up outside the WAG


Marlon Wiebe and the Winnitron 1000 crew


The Volunteers get a pep talk in the WAG board room


The huge slab of stone rarely gets opened at the main entrance to the Winnipeg Art Gallery



Winnitron 1000 Arcade game!


Winnitron 1000 Arcade game!



Zander busks the cello outside the WAG before the real festivities begin


The kids think these things are interactive art sculptures. Probably.


Friends and Family of William Kurelek muse about the paintings


The William Kurelek exhibition 2011



Friends and Family of William Kurelek


William Kurelek "Manitoba Party"







Andrew Kear, Anna Wiebe and Pat Bovey




Stephen Borys





The exhibition is the result of a partnership between the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Hamilton, and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria



Kids love Super Mario NES








John Paskievich and friend





The awesome lamp in the WAG board room









All shapes and sizes come out to play on Nuit Blanche




Landscape Synergy at Nuit Blanche, October 01, 2011, The Winnipeg Art Gallery 9pm-midnight, site specific work on the ramp at the gallery, a free culture days event choreography: Jolene Bailie dancers: Jolene Bailie, Branwyn Bundon, Krista Nicholson, Christie Peters, Tiffany Thomas


A new dance work by Jolene Baillie, Gear Shifting Performance created just for Nuit Blanche







Awesome CBC bag!




The leg patrol


The Manitoba Crafts Museum set up an Embroidery station



The WAG was packed!


chiptune music by Skot Deeming and Rylann Gimby


Murray Toews is one happy guy!



Anna Wiebe and her Mom



The Art is rapturous at the WAG!




Lindsay Wiebe and Jenny Henkelman




The Roof of the WAG was the cool hang out.


Jason Hasselmann and Ian Tizzard and some friends!


He is dubious about the art


Winnipeg's cool art kids


Myron is where the action is... at


Andrew Chipman and some sweeties


Pictoria Secrete and Gloria Booths spice up the place


Bike courier chic



mr ghosty spins the digital 8 bit virtual vinyl


the line up outside was getting rowdy




smoking cigarettes is cool


Rylaan Gimby




Miss Lindsay Ladobruk leads the Art Cheer Squad!


Nereo ll



The WSO quartet; Gwen Hoebig (violin), Karl Stobbe (violin), Dan Scholz (viola), Yuri Hooker (cello)


Steve Ackerman and friends


GroundSwell presents Gyorgy Ligeti’s Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano. Patricia Evans (horn), Donna Laube (piano), Rachel Moody (violin)


Rachel Moody, violin


GroundSwell presents Gyorgy Ligeti’s Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano, Winnipeg Art Gallery




At midnight, the line was around the whole building


Another famous Winnipegger. The old guy who dances around with a lot of energy. Last seen at the Folk Fest.

Gold Pants!




Warrne Carther and Sarah Lynne Otsuji




The videographer for the evening


Cash only. Drink tickets



Beards Beard Beards in Winnipeg






Mariachi Ghost




Mariachi Ghost




A girl dancing in the fountain












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