NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 3 2012, Sean McLeod

Choreographic Demo & Discussion

Sean McLeod

MCLEOD TECHNIQUE MODERN (Master Class Saturday 12:15 to 1:45pm)

McLeod Technique (MT) is Sean McLeod’s codified Syllabus dance technique that blends Classical Ballet, the modern foundations of Limón, Graham and Horton, Martial Arts principles, African Dance, Latin influences and Urban Social Dance.
With McLeod Technique Modern, body alignment and emotional development are taught through interactive application. Nearly every dancer or dance teacher has at one time wished they knew more about the body so they could help themselves or their dancers achieve greater movement range. Reinforced Motor Function is a flexibility, strength, and body alignment system created by Sean McLeod. McLeod Technique Modern, an emotionally-based contemporary technique developed to champion women and girls worldwide. McLeod Technique Modern builds self esteem for women and men of all ages through movement. The approach teaches behavior control, life skills, and healthy comparison-based evaluation for dancers, while simultaneously correcting the traditional belief that a person has to be emotionally broken by the industry before they can find their greatness.


Sean McLeod

















Sean McLeod


Sean McLeod teaches the Dance Class












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