NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 3 2012, Michèle Moss

Workshop – Dance Class Open to the Public Michèle Moss

RHYTHM-BASED JAZZ (Open to All; Saturday 4:00 – 5:00pm)

This will be a sharing that melds and blends Michèle’s passion for jazz with her contemporary training, ethnographic explorations and Soultrain beginnings. Grounded in a strong rhythm-based/rhythm-generated approach to movement this workshop class will focus on jazz and its many and varied qualities. It will be a little bit percussive, some weight transfer learning, select improvisational structures, groove-based phrases, and explosive sequences to varied soundtracks. The music will feature highly rhythmic tracks to illicit soulful dancing for expressive performers. The studio experience will explore some West African groundings, Latin jazz and swing basics. Featured will be a unique blend of funk, afro-beat and house licks to challenge the body and release the joy. This is part social dancing and part afro- funk/jazz technique class. Bring your personality, high kicks, loose pelvis and style! This is serious business to be undertaken with a smile. Playlist will be made available.

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