NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 3 2012, Casimiro Nhussi

Workshop – Master Class

Casimiro Nhussi
NAfro Dance (Winnipeg)

Casimiro is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and musician based in Winnipeg. Born in Mozambique, Africa, he has been a dance professional since 1982. Starting his career as dancer then became the principal dancer, and then the Artistic Director of the Mozambique National Song and Dance Company. Currently Casimiro is the Artistic Director and Founder of NAfro Dance Productions.

Casimiro’s choreographic journey began in Mozambique. His first full-length dance work was “Ode A Paz”, the second full-length dance work was “Arvore Sagrada”. His choreographic style has evolved from almost purely African to one marked with Contemporary Dance influences. This style was solidified after Casimiro attended the Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre in New York. Since coming to Canada in 1997, he has produced and choreographed fourteen dance works both as an independent choreographer as well as Artistic Director. He has performed and led dance workshops in 28 countries.

CAS-CLASS (Master Class: Saturday 2:15 – 3:45pm)
Cas-class is an African Contemporary Dance class full of rhythmical challenges, high impact movement and physical expression. It is a blend of traditional African and contemporary dance, well cooked, mashed, juiced and served with pleasure. The words that come to mind are true physical expression from your emotions, mind and body. This class is for experienced, emerging and student dancers. The beginning of the class will challenge dancers with long warm-up exercises followed by diagonals for complex moves, high jumps. Then the fun and juicy part begins with the combination of moves which is done in the centre.


Casimiro Nhussi leads the Master Class






















Casimiro Nhussi




The sweat all over the floor





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