NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 2 2012, Michèle Moss

Choreographic Demo & Discussion

Michèle Moss

A choreographer, dancer and educator. She is currently a tenured Assistant Professor in the Department of Dance at the University of Calgary. She is a co-founder of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks,a professional concert dance company whose mission it is to preserve and promote jazz dance. She continues to find great pleasure in exploring the nature of jazz from its roots to its innovative futures. She enjoys a diverse career in dance from choreographic commissions to international teaching assignments and conducting ethnographic research -presented on the page and the stage- in such far-flung locales as Cuba and Guinée, West Africa.


Michèle Moss





Michèle Moss shows the dancers how it is done!




The dancers stop, then connect


Toss that hair!






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