NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 1 2012, Kevin Ormsby

Workshop – Master Class

Kevin A. Ormsby, Artistic Director of KasheDance, a dance company hinging on the traditions of modern dance, ballet and the movements of the Diaspora, works independently as a Marketing Consultant as well as dance teacher and movement coach. He was a member of Garth Fagan Dance (NY) and the Assistant Artistic Director of Ballet Creole. He is the Dance Animatuer at the Living Arts Centre and a Consultant with CPAMO. A passionate advocate of Dance Education, writing and outreach, he has presented papers at numerous conferences, has written for

Expose Entertainment Magazine, the Dance Current and is a published author in “PLURALISM IN THE ARTS IN CANADA: A CHANGE IS GONNA COME” He has sat on juries and panels for the Canada, Ontario and Toronto Arts Councils and is a member of the Toronto Arts Council’s Community Arts Programs Committee and the Co-Chair of the Performing Arts Sub-Committee for Jamaica 50th Celebrations Toronto. He is on the Board of Prologue to the Performing Arts and Nia Arts Centre.

KASHEDANTEK (Master Class: Thursday at 3:30 -5:00pm)
Contemporary Dance technique marries diasporic dance forms are at the forefront of the classes taught by Kevin A. ormsby. With the use of an emerging dance technique called “kashedantek”, technically versatile in its execution and delivery, the workshop will focus on musicality, total body engagement and technical execution. Afro-Contemporary dance language that is “ a fusion of vocabularies for a truly contemporary voice… technically quite brilliant, expressive, making the athletic prowess simply part of the flow” – Anya Wassenburg

Casimiro Nhussi and Kevin Ormsby










Dancer jumping



Kevin Ormsby

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