NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 1 2012, 8:30am

Nafro Dance Festival

Winnipeg’s NAfro Dance throws 10th anniversary bash

“When you’re celebrating 10 years you gotta throw a party,” says Casimiro Nhussi, artistic director of NAfro Dance Productions.

And he’s pulling out all the stops with a three day festival that includes dance groups from all over Winnipeg and some imports from Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and New York.

Theatre Flamenco’s Claire Marchand will perform as part of the “Moving Inspirations Dance Festival”

Claire Marchand is a local flamenco dancer and she’s thrilled to be performing in the Moving Inspirations Dance Festival. “It’s fantastic that NAfro has been here for 10 years.” she says. “And with an art form that Casimiro kind of had to grow here. He had to foster that and figure out a way to make that work in a place that it’s not from.”It’s huge,” she says. “The amount of work that’s gone into this company and the vision and the passion and the drive that Casimiro Nhussi and the company have shown is really inspiring.”Nhussi grew up in a village in Mozambique where he learned traditional African dance. He later studied dance and became a choreographer. “My style of dance is African contemporary,” he explains. “I am who I am because I am an artist after all. I’m not a museum. I’m not putting artifacts (on stage), I have to create, I create my own dance. When I create there is that African style within that contemporary world.”

Some local dance companies participating include Winnipeg’s Contemporary DancersRoyal Winnipeg Ballet – AspirantsGearshifting Performance WorksDrive Dance and Young Lungs Dance Exchange. Bands include Papa MamboMariachi Ghost and Nafro Band.

Moving Inspirations Dance Festival runs November 1 – 3 at the Gas Station Arts Centre. In addition to evening performances, the festival also includes daytime master classes, workshops and demonstrations. 

Augustine United Church, Winnipeg

Moving Inspirations Dance Festival

This year NAfro Dance Productions is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As you know NAfro is an inspiring voice of dance in Winnipeg and across Canada. Ten years of existence is a good reason to celebrate. So we’re bringing in dance troupes and professionals from across Canada to help us celebrate. We are proud to be hosting this event and pleased to invite you all to join us.

This festival is going to move you; physically, mentally & emotionally. It’s going to inspire your creative intellect, mind & soul, & will open your understanding about dance in this contemporary world.

Ladies & gentlemen, allow me to say “we have a delicious buffet”. We have the best of African Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Flamenco Dance, Afro-Jazz Dance, Afro-hip-hop Dance, Break Dance…..and we have dessert too ,… dance classes, master classes and world bands… The current line-up includes dance companies from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and all of Winnipeg’s big dance companies. Three unique and inspiring dance showcases (6 dance groups per show), six choreographic demos, six master dance classes and three dance classes for all levels.

Opening – Keynote Speaker Zab Maboungou
Casimiro Nhussi leads a spontaneous (or not!) collaborative dance circle at 9am!

The NAfro Dance Studio at 109 Pulford Ave, Winnipeg

BaKari E. Lindsay helps solve the dance problem

COBA Toronto, Collective of Black Artists

Some people were tired out after the opening dance

Casimiro Nhussi, artistic director of NAfro Dance Productions.

Dancer’s fingers and toes
Dancer stretching

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