NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 1 2012, 12:15pm, Sean McLeod

Workshop – Master Class

Sean McLeod

Sean McLeod Dance Experience – New York

Sean McLeod is the President of the New York Institute of Dance and Education, Executive Producer of the Global Dance Initiative, Lead Facilitator for Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting, and recipient of the New York Senate Liberty Award and the coveted Jefferson Award for Public Service to America. The Sean McLeod Dance Experience (SMDEx) is the performance company of the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre who’s focus is delivering principals and life changing tools through movement. The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre (KDT) is a professional dance company whose work has spanned 20 years. KDT’s mission is to illustrate through dance the abundant resources and enrichment that minorities and people of color bring to our lives and communities. The Company, founded by Sean McLeod, works from Auburn and New York City and has toured professionally to major cities across the US, and internationally to the West Indies, Europe, and Africa.

Sean McLeod is an award winning Producer, Artistic Ambassador, and American Choreographer whose work spans more than 20 years and three continents. Sean is an acknowledged developer of movement systems, most notably his codified “MT” McLeod Technique, MT Afro Hip Hop, Training For Athletes – TFA , and Reinforced Motor Function ® RMF which are now being taught globally. Mr. McLeod is President of the New York Institute of Dance and Education, Executive Producer of the New York Dance Festival, Carmen De Lavallade Award for Dance, Global Dance Initiative, Chairman of the Janet Collins Fellowship, and Lead

Facilitator for Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting. Sean works in New York City as well as in major cities across the US, and internationally to the West Indies, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

As a Conceptual Consultant in business, Sean helps corporations design their future direction. An expert creator, strategist, designer, and wordsmith, he assists CEO’s and their teams connect their products with greater audience understanding and appeal. He creates text that engages a market in a simple, clear and effective manner.

Sean McLeod is the winner of countless awards including the coveted Jefferson Award for Public Service to America founded by the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the New York State Liberty Award- the State’s Highest honor, the NAACP Millennium Award, the American Red Cross “Great American Heroes” Award and more. His philosophy is based in “Diversity of Thought” and “Learning to accept the possibility of Yes!”.

Mr. McLeod attended the Conservatory of Dance at the State University of New York at Purchase and has established himself as a successful teacher, consultant, and corporate facilitator. In his role at NYIDE, (New York Institute of Dance Education)  Mr. McLeod has awarded more than 100 thousand dollars to emerging artists, and helped jump start many new dance careers by presenting scholarships and choreographic residencies. Sean has developed and works with women and girls on techniques of self esteem, self value and self reliance. He is an advocate for young adults caught in criminal cases in the courts and works as an expert resource for teacher and employee training to solving student and family issues in public schools and communities around the world. He has provided master classes, taught, or lectured for several colleges and universities including Wells College, Syracuse University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Howard University, Purchase College, Adelphi University and more. He attempts to prove that you can be anything you want, provided you prepare yourself, share immensely, and help others be significant too.

McLeod Technique (MT) is Sean McLeod’s codified Syllabus dance technique that blends Classical Ballet, the modern foundations of Limón, Graham and Horton, Martial Arts principles, African Dance, Latin influences and Urban Social Dance.

With McLeod Technique Modern, body alignment and emotional development are taught through interactive application. Nearly every dancer or dance teacher has at one time wished they knew more about the body so they could help themselves or their dancers achieve greater movement range. Reinforced Motor Function is a flexibility, strength, and body alignment system created by Sean McLeod. McLeod Technique Modern, an emotionally-based contemporary technique developed to champion women and girls worldwide. McLeod Technique Modern builds self esteem for women and men of all ages through movement. The approach teaches behavior control, life skills, and healthy comparison-based evaluation for dancers, while simultaneously correcting the traditional belief that a person has to be emotionally broken by the industry before they can find their greatness.

Sean McLeod in conversation with the class





The media crew, filming and shooting


Sean McLeod, making them laugh and think








Sean McLeod, instructing the dance class


Casimiro looks on




Sean McLeod, blowing the dancer’s minds





Sean McLeod



Dancers in the mid air jump






Sean McLeod




Dance master class







Sean McLeod