NAfro Dance, Moving Inspirations Dance Festival, Nov 1 2012, 10am, BaKari I Lindsay

Choreographic Demo & Discussion

BaKari I. Lindsay was born on the sunny isle of Trinidad, West Indies. Perfecting his crafts for the past 25 years, BaKari is a dancer, choreographer, researcher, singer, musician, costume designer/ maker and father. He studied at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre on scholarship and with various teachers from the Caribbean and the African Continent, and holds a Masters Degree in Dance Ethnology and Bachelors of Education degree from York University. Bakari developed a physical language for training in West African and Diasporic African dance culture entitled A-Feeree – The Physical Language.

Co-founding Artistic Director of COBA (Collective Of Black Artists), BaKari has danced for Danny Grossman Dance Company, Artcho Danse Repertoire (Haiti), Jubilation Dance Co. (USA), Toronto Dance Theatre, National Dance Company of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), Les Enfants Dance Co (T&T), and several independent choreographers in Canada, United States and the Caribbean. He also appeared in the original performing cast of Canada’s Production of Disney’s The Lion King.

BaKari has choreographed works for Les Enfants Dance Co., Entre Deux, and The National Dance Company of T&T, while creating a body of work on COBA Collective Of Black Artists. He has taught dance at York University, Ryerson University, Humber College, Lester B. Pearson School for the Performing Arts and for several dance schools, institutions and community groups. BaKari’s personal artistic vision is to develop a harmonious balance between artistic practice and traditional cultural values.

Bakari I Lindsay







Dance studio mirrors, Bakari I Lindsay


Contemporary Dance Class





Bakari I Lindsay


Contemporary Dance makes you sweat



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