Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Jan 14 2011

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Manitoba Theatre Centre

Tom Hendry Theatre (warehouse)

Jan 18 – Feb 4  2012

By George Bernard Shaw

Starring Seana McKenna
Directed by Alisa Palmer


Frank Gardner:     Tom Keenan

Vivie Warren:     Cherissa Richards
Sir George Crofts:     Arne MacPherson
Reverend Samuel:     Stephen Russell
Mrs. Warren:     Seana McKenna
Mr. Praed:     Gordon Tanner

Artistic Team
Playwright:     George Bernard Shaw
Dialect & Text Coach:     Shannon Vickers
Director:     Alisa Palmer
Associate Sound Designer: Debashis Sinha
Costume Designer: Charlotte Dean
Apprentice Director: Heidi Malazdrewich
Lighting Designer: Hugh Conacher
Stage Manager: Michelle Lagassé
Sound Designer: John Gzowski
Apprentice Stage Manager: Michael Duggan

“Wicked balance of anger and comedy”
— New York Post

Mrs. Warren has worked hard to provide a good life for her daughter. But when Vivie finds out the truth about her mother’s profession, sparks fly between the two independent working women. Armed with wicked wit and astute insight, George Bernard Shaw pits mother against daughter to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of Victorian society. Will their relationship survive a battle about sex, love, money, career and morality? A sparkling comedy, Mrs. Warren’s Profession is also a scathing indictment of the social conditions for women of the era.
WARNING: Mature themes
RUNNING TIME: Approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes

Part of ShawFest 2012 — the 12th Annual Master Playwright Festival 

Mrs. Warren: Seana McKenna Mr. Praed: Gordon Tanner Sir George Crofts: Arne MacPherson


Mr. Praed: Gordon Tanner Mrs. Warren: Seana McKenna


Vivie Warren: Cherissa Richards Mrs. Warren: Seana McKenna


Mrs. Warren: Seana McKenna


Mrs. Warren: Seana McKenna


Mrs. Warren: Seana McKenna



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