Mr Mark photo fun in the studio, May 10 2012

Mr. Mark and Leif Norman create some wacky images for Mark’s new CD

(and other webby promo purposes)

His real name is Mark Cameron but he’s known to countless kids and their families at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School as Mr. Mark, creator of wild and wonderful dancing music for kids. Armed with a truckload of enthusiasm and instruments, his shows are always lively and engaging. He has performed at many festivals such as the Winnipeg International Children’s Festival (including a Circus and Magic Camp run by the festival), Winnie the Pooh Friendship Day, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Folklorama, and numerous festivals throughout Manitoba and North Dakota.

In the past, Mr. Mark has played with some of Canada’s better known family performers, most notably Fred Penner and Jake Chenier.

Mr. Mark “Look over there!”
Mr. Mark’s new CD, 2013




Mr. Mark “Grumpy Face”



Rene Magritte; Apple vs Mr. Mark; Toast



Mr. Mark eats a raw onion!




Mr. Mark, on my old 1970’s banana seat bike. He’s in the parade!


Mr. Mark does not actually play the Sousaphone; he just looks like it



Mr Mark is a connoisseur. That’s why he plays brass instruments with his pinky in the air



Mr. Mark; goin this way!





I think we took too many pictures with the Sousaphone





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