Moshi Moshi, September 5 2014

Moshi Moshi: Circus, Comedy, Chaos! 

Four internationally acclaimed performers. Four larger-than-life personalities. One jaw-dropping show. Moshi Moshi is a show that not only features incredible skills and hundreds of laughs- it also provides a unique look into how small the world is and how close we really all are- even though oceans may separate us. Even from a mere twenty years ago to present day, communication as we know it has changed forever and so have we.

The show offers something for everyone. While the themes of communication, isolation and humanity are noticeable throughout the show- we know some audiences just like to see incredible stunts by incredible people, and Moshi Moshi delivers on that too. Acrobatics, contortion, a giant wheel and constant comedy, this show will leave your jaw on the floor either from laughter or amazement at what these performers can do. Circus. Comedy. Chaos. Moshi Moshi has it all!

The producers of Moshi Moshi are Winnipeg locals who love circus and want to bring more of it to Winnipeg while also fostering the budding circus community Winnipeg has.  In that spirit, we are proud to present Manitoban circus artist Isaac Girardin as the opening act- so be sure to get to the theatre right on time!


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Chris Peters –  Originally from the United Kingdom, Chris now calls Tokyo home. As an award-winning breakdancer, clown and puppeteer, Chris has a frantic, hilarious stage presence that can only be developed through thousands of hours of stage experience and many more hours of training and preparation. Now, as one half of the performance duo “Funny Bones”, Chris has traveled the world relentlessly- perfecting and performing his craft from Toronto to Tokyo- proving that comedy is what unites us all!

K-Bow Miyagi –  As the other half of the “Funny Bones” performance troupe, K-Bow is the ultimate performer’s performer, bringing an inherent calm to Chris’s frenetic energy. Incredibly skilled and a brilliant creator, K-Bow’s ability to find the funny in nearly any situation and express it with class and subtlety is uncanny.  Also a juggler and puppeteer, his technical skills are top notch- but his comedic side creates a balance that any audience can relate to. Versatile, careful and calculated, K-Bow is the master of getting the biggest laugh from the smallest gestures.

Kimberly Craig – Kimberly’s endless desire for perfection harkens back to her days of competing as a figure skater at the National level. Now she has harnessed that energy in the circus arts, becoming an renowned aerialist, hula hoop artist and hand-to-hand flyer. Having trained under coaches from all over the world, she brings an incredible and unique approach to her disciplines. As a young audience member asked her after a show once: “Are you the girl that can do anything?”, the answer is yes- yes she can.

Daniel Craig – Born in Winnipeg, Daniel is a true multidisciplinary performer with formal training in hand-to-hand acrobatics, roue cyr, improvisation and juggling. It’s his brash determination and a never-say-die attitude that lets him practice and perform things for audiences that undoubtedly they’ll be talking about for weeks.  Always pursuing improvement, Daniel’s unrelenting training schedule ensures his audiences get the opportunity to witness the limits of the body- every single performance.

Daniel Craig – Strong Dextrous Performer


Winnipeg Performer Isaac Girardin


Moshi Moshi!


K-Bow Miyagi – Clever Performer


Chris Peters – Silly Performer





Kimberly Craig – Amazing Hula Hoop Performer



Hula Hoop Light Art




Juggling Art




Daniel Craig – Cyr Wheel


































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