Morgan and Avital’s Wedding Social, Sept 17 2011

R. Morgan Slade and Avital Ludwig

are such a cute couple that they have decided it is best to get married!

So they had a big party / social to raise money for the wedding,

because weddings are expensive.


Outside Joke,

special guest and shriek inducing king of entertainment Fred Penner,


and some deli meats and cheese cubes.

at the Gas Station Theatre

September 17 2011


R. Morgan Slade and Avital Ludwig



R. Morgan Slade





Leif Ingebritsen can play any tune on his massive Roland X8



Toby Hughes and Jane Testar


Outside Joke rocked the joint with improvised singing


RobYn Slade and Chadd Henderson









Outside Joke, Winnipeg's funny funny improv singers, and improvised monkey noise makers



Robert Slade in his 18th century British Naval jacket





R. Morgan Slade and Avital Ludwig are wearing LED light up shirts that glow with hearts when they get close to each other!








Winnipeg social meat platter. Yup!


Winnipeg social cheese cubes







Steve McIntyre is the friendliest bartender in the world













Fred Penner!



Fred Penner shows off his dance moves



" I didn't drink the beer!"



Lee and Steve from CRUMBS grill Avital and Morgan about their romantic lives


Leif Ingebritsen is an improv piano master






Lee White and Steve Sim make fun of the happy couple






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