More Vintage Photographs, Dec 16 2012

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Great use of Chiaroscuro, light and dark, in this Man’s Portrait. Possibly from the 1920’s (?) The math is also a bit puzzling.


Excellent Photographer Font, Chas. Lang, 452 Main Street, opposite the Patty House, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


A nice family portrait by R. Ness, Kincardine on-Forth. 1900’s


Communion of a young girl, Vintage photograph, G.W. Godfrey’s


G.W. Godfrey’s Sunbeam and Photograph Gallery, 81 East Main street, Rochester N.Y.


A frilly edge cut vintage photograph. I wish this guy had done up his jacket all the way. Looks a bit funny.


Three children from 1884, Murray’s photo studio, Brockville, Ontario


I love the light in this triple portrait. The framing is a little unconventional too. Usually the photographer shows the subject all the way down to their feet. Judd studios, Fargo, North Dakota. 1890’s


Another unconventional portrait. The lady seems to be in the middle of doing something with the fabric on the table. Not sure what. S.J. Jarvis Studio, Ottawa, Ontario (possibly from the 1900’s)


S.J. Jarvis Photo Studio, 117 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario


Some old photographs fade. The dark parts get lighter and thinner. H. Wright Studio. Rat Portage (changed to Kenora in 1905) Ontario, Canada


A Happy Wedding Couple? 1890’s?


A fine young lady’s portrait, 1880’s or 90’s


E.C. Goldsmith Photographic Studio, 374 Main Street, Springfield Massachusetts. Very fancy Victorian Graphic design.


Two lovely young children,  Blackburn Studio, 314 1/3 De Mers Ave, Grand Forks, North Dakota


E.J. Phippen has not even mentioned “photography” and gone straight for “Artist” Parkhill Ontario. A nice Family Portrait from the 1880’s


Three Women and a Boy from the 1890’s


This is a very tiny photo. The oval is less than an inch wide. 1890’s



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