Ming Hon Durational Performance, April 17 2015

“Tonight I premiere a new solo performance called “Patricia: Qu’est-ce que c’est, “dégueulasse”? / What is a “scumbag”?”. Long title for a long piece (it’s a 3hr durational work). It will feature fur jackets, donuts, cigarettes, scratch lotto tickets, dollar bin records, and obscure references to Godard’s À Bout de Souffle. It’s a FREE event. Please come anytime from 8-11pm at Platform. If you come and can name 3 references to Breathless, I’ll reward you with a donut!” Ming Hon

Winnipeg Performance Artist and Dancer, Ming Hon






Winnipeg is the coolest art city in Canada



Platform centre for photography + digital arts, Winnipeg




Platform: Kelsey Braun, Ming Hon, Kristan Horton, Lisa Stinner-Kun





Ming Hon, durational performance




Winnipeg Artist Kelsey Braun






Marlene, Romo, Alex and Sheila





Platform Gallery, Winnipeg





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