Melet Plastics and AmbuTech, Nov 29 2013

“AmbuTech is a leading manufacturer and marketer of mobility canes and mobility aids for the blind and visually impaired. Since its inception in 1985, the company has grown to be the dominant supplier of these products in Europe and North America. AmbuTech distributes mobility products to over 50 countries around the world.” From

Metal rods becoming new walking canes.



Ambutech produces about 20 000 White Canes for the Seeing Impaired, which is about %80 of the world’s supply.












Many options for tips on white walking canes.




“The Melet team is dedicated to engineering custom plastic productsolutions that meet the needs of your particular application. We work together with you to ensure that every step of the development process is a success. From product design, engineering, material selection, and rapid prototyping, to mold manufacturing, injection molding, and assembly, we offer services to meet all your needs. With our 40 years ofexperience in the plastics industry and an advanced manufacturing facility full of leading-edge machinery you can rest assured your project will be a success.”



Melet Plastics, Winnipeg. Amazing looking machines and colours.










Some of the many products at Melet Plastics, Winnipeg




Melet Plastics Inc. Winnipeg



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