May 27 2013, Gimli

Mom and I head up to Gimli, Manitoba to see how much the lake had melted and to eat some Pickerel fish and chips.


Gimli Harbour is still filled with Ice


A Lake Winnipeg fishing boat in Gimli Manitoba


Purple Martins in Gimli




Purple Martins in flight






Lake Winnipeg’s ice is still melting. A bit late this year.



When the ice melts in Lake Winnipeg the water is clear. When summer comes the water gets all muddy like the Red River.



Rotting Ice in Spring. Lake Winnipeg.



A poor deceased bird on Gimli beach


Lake Winnipeg in Spring time. Gimli Manitoba



Heavy equipment fixing Gimli Beach



Mom almost found a lucky stone


CTV news was in Gimli


Famous Gimli Artesian Water







Icelandic Businessmen


Kris’ Fish & Chips in Gimli. Also great Ice Cream




A collection of Money from all around the world


Old photo of Gimli Fisherman


Ice Fishing in Gimli, an eight Volume Book


Icelandic Money, Fimm Hundrud Kronur


Kris’ Fish & Chips in Gimli



Kris’ Fish & Chips with lemon


Fish and Chips in Gimli Manitoba



Ice Fishing in Gimli, a novel by Rob Kovitz, Treyf Books


Piscis Gibbosus and Zingaena.


A collection of old soda pop bottles


Slush Puppie Freeze Flavours


The Manitoba Purple Martin Club









The Vakta is getting a new coat of paint, CCGS VAKTA – IMO 0825542



Gimli Harbour Vehicle



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