Master Orloff & Madame Clodille’s Penny Arcade Freakshow Beautifique (or the illusionary box)

Theatre Incarnate presents:

  A travellin’ pygmalion sideshow of mirrored afterbirth and broken concrete. Step right up, peel back your fascination and watch the angry midget Orloff’s obsession with the beastly freak Clodille. Round and round she goes… transmorgifying for your entertainment, and his.

     Utilizing elements of pantomime and illustrative physical theatre, the following act is not a playhouse for children or the illiterate and contains material which may be deemed ill suited. The “Freakshow Beautifique” has been showcasing its grotesque tale of woe through the metatemporal planes since its humble beginnings in Europe, in 1347 A.D.

     Theatre Incarnate chanced upon Orloff & Clodille’s perennial sideshow act and has arranged with them its presentation this summer for your viewing pleasure.





















































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