ManyFest, Sept 9 2012

10 & 10 + 5 Race & 2 Person Relay

Sunday, September 9
10 km – 8:00am; 10 Miler, 2 Person Relay and 5 km run – 8:30am
Lace on those runners and enjoy the scenic route of a 10 km, 10 mile or 5 km
run that starts and ends in Memorial Park. The 10 & 10 race is in support of Winnipeg Harvest and their “More Than Shoes” program.

10 & 10 + 5 Race & 2 Person Relay medals

Winnipeg Manyfest Bike Show
A collection of vintage bicycles, Winnipeg
Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre, Winnipeg, an amazing Horned Owl
Manitoba, Trees for tomorrow

Home made pickles, Knorr’s Garden Korner, Manitoba
Winnipeg Farmer’s Market

ManyFest garage sale, Winnipeg

The TARDIS crashed into the time travelling DeLorean, shirt

Winnipeg Roller Derby League

Thrill Riders, Winnipeg Vintage Bicycle Rescue and Restoration
Vintage Bicycle, 1935 Monarch Silver King Wing Bar
Drawing chalk on the sidewalk

Winnipeg Roller Derby Girls warm up

Mountain Equipment Co-Op bicycle fix it

The Winnipeg Tweed Ride 2012

Knitted bike cozy

Sliding down the inflatable thingy

RAW gallery and Martha Street Studio team up, Winnipeg

Playing Croquet at Dalnavert, Winnipeg
Dalnavert, Historical Building, Winnipeg
Little kids watch the Bike Polo
Bike Polo Action, Winnipeg

ace art’s Soap Box Derby, Winnipeg

Two Dollar Pistol, Winnipeg Rock Band

Canada’s cutest little kid Hockey Goalie

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ team

Kids love to smear paint all over a giant canvas

Drum Busking on the streets of Winnipeg
Broadway is Pedestrian Only for ManyFest, Winnipeg

Shark Shaped Soap Box Racer

Soap Box Derby Races, Winnipeg

Winnipeg ace art Soap Box Derby, ManyFest

hannah_g and Jamie Wright of ace art, Winnipeg

The supreme #1 Winners of the Soap Box Derby

Ismaila Alfa and Mike Petkau, ALFA

Wine tasting in the Park, Winnipeg

Outdoor Chess
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers, Winnipeg


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