ManyFest, Sept 7-8 2013

Varying stretches of the north side of Broadway will be closed to vehicular traffic over the weekend, which will feature a wine festival, music, running race, dancing, kids zone, lights and Ciclovia. The festival for all ages celebrates community, arts, entertainment and healthy living on the streets of downtown Winnipeg beneath Broadway’s beautiful lit canopy of elm trees!

Law Courts in Winnipeg


Giant Lemon, Lemonade stand



Wonderful Stuffed Animal Toys by Gail Kletke


Manyfest on Broadway, Winnipeg 2013







Broadway, Winnipeg




Manyfest has a Farmer’s market with many great things to eat! (or are these only for decoration?)





Dancing in the street


Bike Tune ups at Manyfest


The Dirty Catfish Brass Band entertains the crowd at Manyfest, Winnipeg



The Dirty Catfish Brass Band



Food Truck Wars, Winnipeg






Grammie’s Jams, Jellies and Preserves



Fresh Squeezed Lemonade





Many many lights and extra bits on the bicycle



Matt is ready with the Bike Polo Mallets



Ivanka enjoys the Polo but hates wasps



Bike Polo guys versus Winnipeg Roller Derby Girls! Roller Polo!



How to put on lipstick…





The Week Thus Far guys, Winnipeg



A rocket shaped go cart


ace art’s Soap Box Derby, Winnipeg


The Riel Gentleman’s Choir and their soapbox racer



Handmade Go-Cart Soapbox Races down Broadway, Winnipeg







Please keep behind the tape



The Geek Mobile





The pit crew does a fast repair















Giant Backgammon Game


Giant Dictionary and Giant Scrabble



The famous Jason Andrich





mini donuts in the boiling oil



Michael Butterworth, Chantal Auger and Zoe Penner. the Design Architecture and Urbanism scene in Winnipeg.







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