Manitoba Icelandic Festival, Aug 3 2013

“The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba “Islendingadagurinn” as far as we have been able to determine, is the second oldest continuous ethnic festival in North America. Only an Irish festival held annually in Montreal is a few years older. The first Icelandic festival in North America was held in Milwaukee in 1874. The first Icelandic festival in Manitoba was held in Winnipeg in 1890; was held there annually until 1931, and since 1932 has been held in Gimli.
August 2nd was chosen for the festival date because on that day, in 1874, the first Icelandic Celebration in North America had taken place, and, in Iceland, a new constitution had been accepted. Early August was also convenient for farmers, as seeding was over, but harvest had not yet begun.”
From the Icelandic Fest website:
Wondershows Midway and Rides – Gimli Park

Islendingadunk – Gimli Harbour Dock
2 PM
Islendingadunk is a sport where two combatants sit on a soap-lubricated plastic pole suspended over the water in Gimli Harbour. The object is to bat your opponent off the pole (and into the water) using a wet sack filled with sponge. Too much swing of the “slugger” and you’ll end up in the lake. Too late of a start and you’ll find yourself bobbing in the water in front of hundreds of onlookers.

Newfies will Screech you in. At Islendingadagurinn you get Dinged.

A busy summer street in Gimli Manitoba


The Vikings prepare for battle

“The focus of the Village is on public education and interaction.  Reenactors present daily life of the Vikings in an authentic setting.  They live in a period encampent for the duration of the event.  Each day there is a demonstration of Viking warfare tactics and weapons on the field adjacent to the village.”

The Vikings in Gimli gather each year to fight

A fierce Viking Battle with swords, spears and axes

Dead Fish Flies, Gimli Manitoba


Sunset on Lake Winnipeg
Musician SC Mira

The wharf in Gimli, Manitoba

Fireworks in Gimli

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