Manitoba Craft Council Exhibition and Sale, Feb 1 2013




Feb 1 – Feb 12


MCC’s 2013 Member Exhibition of Contemporary Craft


Feburary 1-12, 2013
Cre8ery Gallery
2nd floor, 125 AdelaideOpening reception Friday, February 1, 7-10 pm.


Manitoba Craft Council

Featuring work in contemporary craft by:

Monica Curry, Melanie Wesley, Brigitta Urben, Sharon Loeppky, Barb Hunt, Tammy Sutherland, Crystal Nykoluk, Lois Hogg, Carol James, Judith Panson, Susan Styrchak, Alison Norberg, Janet Carroll, Jolanta Sokalska, Natasha Halayda, June Derksen, Peter Tittenberger, Kirk Creed, Evelin Richter, Sonja Rosenberg, Karen Taylor, Brook Drabot, Mary Lowe, Lily Rosenberg and Rachael Kroeker.

Craft Talk Thursday, February 7, 7 pm

Facilitated by Sharon Alward, this evening is an opportunity for the artists/craftspeople to talk about their work, get constructive feedback and delve more deeply into the work presented in For the Love of Craft. All are welcome to attend.

cre8ery, Winnipeg



Contemporary Craft Show at the cre8ery,  Winnipeg


For the Love of Craft 2013 Member Exhibition + Sale of Contemporary Craft, February 1-12 2013, Manitoba Craft Council

 For the Love of Craft

“The Manitoba Craft Council is for people who love contemporary craft: artists and artisans, collectors and connoisseurs, DIYers and armchair enthusiasts. It’s for people who value the originality and quality of the handmade, who find meaning in making. It’s for the dreamers and schemers who seek to reinterpret the material and cultural traditions of the past through a contemporary lens.

It’s for people who have to forge, carve, weave, print, glue, sculpt, knit. And for their friends and supporters. It’s for you. See, smell, touch, explore the myriad expressions of contemporary craft in Manitoba and be part of a community that is shaped, motivated, and defined by its love of craft.”
from the Craft Council Website


Silver Teapot by Sonya Rosenberg


Skyline Salt and Pepper shakers, Sonya Rosenberg


Electric Blue tulip tumblers by Rachael Kroeker



Hand built clay figure with stained oxides, partially glazed, Evelin Richter


Dyed, printed, embroidered, and hand-stitched cotton by Tammy Sutherland


Jersey Cow in clay, oil and acrylic by Mary Lowe


Dolls in new and vintage fabrics and trims, Melanie Wesley


Art Quilt, Monica Curry


Speckled Egg Vase in Blown Glass, Brook Drabot


Anastasia Chipelski


Porcelain by Karen Taylor


Metallic Thread Reticule by Carol James


Metallic Thread Reticule by Carol James


North End Party Kitschen Chair, Peter Tittenberger




Clay Fired to cone 6 filigree ice holder by Brigitta Urben




North End Party Kitschen Chairs, Peter Tittenberger


Manitoba Craft Council Member Show, Feb 2013


Mother of Pearl Buttons on Blue Velvet, Barb Hunt




Fused Glass, Acid Etching, Jolanta Sokalska



Glazed Pot by Kirk Creed


Glazed Pot by Kirk Creed







Free Press photographer John Woods gets the shot!




Linen and Wool Wall Hangings by Susan Styrchak


Hallway Art Gallery st cre8ery, Winnipeg






Fused Glass Frit Painting, June Derksen




Fabric Panel Art by Judith Panson








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