Lögberg Heimskringla 125th Birthday Open House, Oct 13 2011

The Lögberg Heimskringla Icelandic Community Newspaper in Manitoba

celebrates its 125th Birthday in Winnipeg.

Lögberg means Law Rock.

Just like Ice Berg means Ice Rock. Yeah.

Heimskringla means Circle of the world.

The L-H is the oldest running community newspaper in North America.

All the nicest old ladies were there.

And a choir. The Icelanders love a choir.

From the L-H website:

“It’s the only newspaper that covers the entire Icelandic community.

With news about people and events from one end of North America to the other, as well as Iceland, Lögberg-Heimskringla has the full story on people of Icelandic descent, whether they live in Manitoba, North Dakota, Alberta, Utah, Nova Scotia… or any point in between.

It’s about people.

Lögberg-Heimskringla is full of original stories on people in the Icelandic and Icelandic North American scene, both past and present. Whether it’s a new feature article on up-and-coming musicians, a profile of fishermen following the tradition of their ancestors, or biographies of lives lived, Lögberg-Heimskringla is there.

It has something for everyone.

Lögberg-Heimskringla covers current events in Iceland, reviews books, movies, and music, follows sports, and keeps you up to date on coming events in your community. Our paper reflects the diversity of the hundreds of thousands of people whose heritage is Icelandic.

It’s your paper.

L-H has continuous publishing history going back to the early years of Icelandic settlement in North America.Heimskringla was founded in 1886, Lögberg in 1888; the two newspapers amalgamated in 1959. If you are of Icelandic descent, chances are someone in your family has made our headlines!”

The offices of the Logberg Heimskringla. 100-283 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg


L-H Treasurer Dan Snidal talks to Peter Bjornson; Member of the Legislative Assembly for Manitoba



Red for Fire and Blue for Ice.


Lögberg Heimskringla 125th Anniversary


Caelum Vatnsdal checks the sound. He was shooting a small documentary about L-H



A collection of Icelandic books


The Sólskríkjan Icelandic Canadian Choir was there!



Icelandic Themed Art by Karen Johannason of Lipton Street Studio


Peter Johnson, fundraising chair


L-H interim editor, Joan Eyolfson Cadham, Mrs. Bruce Johnson, Helga Sigurdson, Valdine Johnson



Margaret Kernasted, Audrey Juve Kwasnika,


The Lögberg Heimskringla from 1959


Icelandic Pannakukkar


The Icelanders don't drink tea. They drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee


Catherine Robertson, Oli, Peter Johnson, Tim Samson


Vínarterta courtesy of Gunnthora Gisladottir


Rullapysla. (Nom nom) donated by Pallson Fine Foods, Arborg


Linda F Sigurdson Collette, the other official photographer, Bruce Johnson


Alana Odegaard, Gunvor Danielsdottir, Elva Jonason,


The Sólskríkjan Icelandic Canadian Choir was there! Kristine Richardson



Frank Wilson, Gunnur Isfeld, Helle Wilson


Helle Zeidler Wilson, Honorary Consul, from the Royal Danish Consulate in Winnipeg



Wendy Hart, Winnipeg Press Club brings greetings


A biography of Jón Sigurdsson


Garry Oddleifson and Olof Wood


Way back when, Logberg merged with Heimskringla




Judi Wilson hands around the Vinarterta


Gunnthora Gisladottir, Karen Johannason



It was a carrot cake


Kar Johnson and Dr Ken Thorlakson


a little Icelandic Doll


Dr. Birna Bjarnadottir from the Dept of Icelandic Studies, U of Manitoba, and Joan Eyolfson Cadham


Gunnvar Danielsdottir and Dr. Richard of U of Manitoba Jazz Studies, and Joan Gillis


Dr. Ken Thorlakson, Honorary Consul for Norway Natalie Denesovych and Chairman of the Board Grant Stefanson


Dr Ken Thorlakson, Chairman of the Future Fund Capitol Campaign for L-H





Tim Samson. It was announced that The Winnipeg Foundation would give $20 000 in support



Grant Nordman, Winnipeg city Councilor gets told by Vi Bjarnason Hilton


Grant Nordman, Gladys Wirth.



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