Little Sister Coffee, Opening Day, Sept 11 2013

I was up early to make it to Little Sister Coffee at 7am this morning.

When I got there at 6:50am there were already three people inside!


“Osborne Village will soon be home to another coffee shop — adding to the already long list of places nestled around the intersection of Osborne Street and River Avenue.

The popular Winnipeg neighbourhood already has a Starbucks, Second Cup and Tim Hortons at the corner, and it’s about to get a local option.

Owner of Parlour Coffee, Nils Vik and his sister-in-law Vanessa Stachiw are opening a new coffee shop in Osborne Village this fall, called Little Sister Coffee Maker.

The owners of Parlour Coffee on Main Street have announced plans to open up a basement shop called Little Sister Coffee Maker at 470 River, directly across the street from Starbucks.

Parlour Coffee owner Nils Vik said he’s not worried about taking on the big-name competition in the area.

“Our customers aren’t their customers. We are offering something completely different,” Vik said Monday.

“We can tell you the day it was roasted, who the farmer was, and every cup we make you is made as it’s ordered so nothing is sitting around getting old.”

Vik opened Parlour Coffee in 2011 and is now hoping to draw in the same high-end coffee crowd at the new Osborne location.

“Osborne Village is a really high density of people — whether it’s students or young professionals, so it’s exciting to have that kind of density of people in one area,” said Vik.

Just over a bridge and about a 20 minute walk away on Sherbrook Street sits another specialty coffee shop — Thom Bargen Coffee and Tea. According to owner Graham Bargen, Vik’s venture may not be as risky as it sounds.

He said the specialty coffee market is growing in the city.

“Coffee is one of the most complex drinks you can have — similar to scotch, similar to wine — when tasted fresh and pulled properly by your barista, you know it’s really exciting,” said Bargen.

Bargen’s shop only opened a few months ago in February, and similar to Parlour, it only serves coffee roasted within the past two weeks. They also keep close tabs on where the beans come from and they brew each cup to order.

He also offers a personal touch — he’ll sit down with interested customers and explain the different flavour notes in each brew.

Vik will be banking on that level of coffee interest to keep his newest business venture from burning out; Little Sister Coffee Maker is set to debut in the Village this fall.”

Red sky in morning


This used to be Coffee Island, then FUEL coffee, then Noir Restaurant and now Little Sister Coffee, Winnipeg





Little Sister Coffee, River and Osborne, Winnipeg


The floor is white hex tiles, like my bathroom from 1912!




Finnish Fabric Design as Wall Hanging, Marimekko Oyj Suomi-Finland Maija Louekari 2009 : “Rasymatto”



An excellent Thorens Record Player, and coffee by hand or on tap.



George Howell Alchemy Coffee Beans


Little Sister Coffee, Winnipeg






Fentiman’s Soda is good soda


My coffee spoon was a Graceland Souvenir










A fine Orange Motobecane bike




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