Latin Music Showcase at Juss Jazz, Jan 8 2012

A Latin Music and Reggae night featuring


Mariachi Ghost

and Trio Bembe

organized by Amber Epp

at Juss Jazz 240 Portage Ave Winnipeg

Juss Jazz 240 Portage Ave Winnipeg. Live music downtown!




Franklin Fernando of the RasTamils tunes up the guitar and looks cool



Latin Percussion


RasTamils the Winnipeg Reggae band





Franklin Fernando of the RasTamils


Amber is on the Five. Why do people write on money anyway?





The hands of the drummer man




Andrew Courtnage




Charlie Parker, looking over you



The delightful Gabriel Fields


Dancing Shoes




Downtown Winnipeg at night



a friendly bunch at the night club



she was sketching the live music



awesome vintage microphone


looks like a good party (zoom blur technique)


donkey jawbone as a percussion instrument


Mariachi Ghost at Juss Jazz


Jorge Requena of Mariachi Ghost


Amber Epp also sings and plays with Trio Bembe


I think someone is making a video


Purple Party People!


Abstract coloured party scene



Mariachi Ghost


Jawbone instrument in action with Scott Senior


Mariachi Ghost


Mariachi Ghost


Latin dancing in Winnipeg


The crowd is electric


Groovy party lighting


Juss Jazz 240 Portage Ave Winnipeg


A full room at Juss Jazz


Mariachi Ghost



Mariachi Ghost


Slushy snow on the sidewalk


the set list


Trio Bembe


Amber Epp





Rodrigo Muñoz of Trio Bembe



A nice music venue in downtown Winnipeg



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