Islendingadagurinn Icelandic Festival (day 4) 2011

Gimli Manitoba

The McMahon Mile

The Gimli Parade

Family Sports

Traditional Program

Cute kids in viking hats.

(Vikings never had horns on their helmets. Blame Wagner and Bugs Bunny for this common misconception.

To learn about other common misconceptions please refer to the BBC show hosted by Stephen Fry; QI. Or buy this book.)

Wagnerian Opera stereotype lady with horns on her helmet.
Elmer Fudd with horns on his head.
Little kid viking with horns on his plastic helmet
The McMahon Mile runs just before the parade, on the same route.


The McMahon Mile race is a competitive mile aimed at:

Manitoba’s top distance runners.

Male athletes should be capable of at least a 5:30 minute mile or 5:10 minute 1500m.

Female athletes should be capable of at least a 6:20 mile or 6:00 minute 1500m.

The Course: begins at corner of Centre Street and Highway #9, running east down Centre Street to 1st Avenue

and north on 1st Avenue to 4th Street North then west on 4th Street North to finish just past 3rd Avenue.

Previous winners:

2009 Brian Walker    4:20.1

2009 Darolyn Trembath 4:44.1

Gimli has the highest population of the year on this day, for the parade.



He is wearing about 5 Icelandic flags


The Mounties lead the Gimli parade






Icelanders come all the way to Gimli, Western Iceland.


Shriners in Kilts


Icelandic Flag


The Vikings are here!






Tough looking kid


The Asgeirson family reunion




Hardfiskur; the viking snack





W.D. Valgardson buys some Vinatarta




Icelandic sweaters



The family fun sports


"I runned the fastest!"



WD Valgardson reads to the crowd


The Icelanders have a Canada Dry


Male Choir Drifandi in Gimli


Little bike, big bike


The Mounties guard the Fjallkona


Fjallkona for 2011; Mrs Vi Bjarnason Hilton


The Fjallkona paparazzi


Icelandic Male choir Drifandi


The dignitaries



Councillor Grant Nordman, MP James Bezan, MLA Peter Bjornson, Premier Greg Selinger



The Traditional Program



Steingrímur J. Sigfússon; Iceland's Minister of Finance






Ponnukokur, Pannakukkar, Icelandic Rolled Pancakes


Icelanders have to have their coffee


The Fjallkona of 2011




The President's Reception






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