Islendingadagurinn, Manitoba Icelandic Festival July 31 2011 (morning)

Gimli Manitoba

Flag raising at Ray and Alma Sigurdson’s

The Viking Village;

The Fine Arts Display

Cultural & Heritage Pavillion

Brennivin fresh out of the freezer for morning Viking drinkies




raising the Icelandic Flag in Canada






Three venerable old Icelanders


An excellent brunchy Icelandic bunch of food







The icelandic Viking camp in Gimli




The Viking Village in Gimli







Steingrímur J. Sigfússon inspects the new collection of rocks and minerals from Iceland now displayed in Gimli







The Icelandic Festival Fine Arts Show




Amma's Kitchen










C. F. Casey. Guitar maker.

CF Casey Luthier website



Fresh hand made Ponnukukar





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