Islendingadagurinn Icelandic Festival (day 3 evening) 2011

Gimli Manitoba

Fris-Nok (that Gimli game with the frisbee and the beer bottles)

Gimli Beach Time

Tom Jackson concert

The Alternative Folk Festival

Lights of the Night Carnival

Intense Fris-Nok action



The grand champions of the Interlake frisbee beer bottle game






The Lake Winnipeg Beach at Gimli is very very busy.



Welcome to Loni Beach


The Seagram's Distillery (now Diageo) has train tanks full of whiskey!


Ingrid Gatien



Ingrid is off to get some merch


Romi Mayes



Ari Jakobsen croons for the crowd



Tom Jackson kids around with the Gimli crowd









Carnival rides at night









The Zipper

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