Islendingadagurinn Icelandic Festival (day 2 evening) 2011

Gimli Manitoba


MTS Viking Village

I was told that this Viking Camp is the largest in all of Canada and possibly all of North America.

Each August Long weekend Vikings from Colorado, New Mexico, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta,

and even one local Viking from Gimli all gather to form a lively village of about 20 tents.


Islendingadunk “The Viking Challenge”

The Liptonians

Royal Canoe




Kiddy Vikings!






The summer crowds in Gimli love the Islendingadunk





Buskers in Gimli. The only weekend there might be buskers.


Cuddle the Lamp; I mean Lamb.



Alphabet Soup




Bowen Staines; maker, co-director of "Where is the Snow?"


The Champion's Cup for the Winner of the DingaDunk


The winners of Islendingadunk get sprayed with Champagne



Raven Design from Njardvik Iceland

The Viking Village in Gimli



Don't. Kill. Children.






One of these helmets would be great for Bike safety




A viking kitchen


Viking helmet


The coin maker



Jazz in Johnson Hall


Richard Gillis and Bjorn Thoroddsen



Bjorn Thoroddsen


Richard Gillis







Country Boy serves one billion Hot Fudge Sundaes




The Liptonians in Gimli



At one point they used a microphone as a drumstick. If a plectrum is a guitar pick, then what is a fancy word for drumstick?


The outdoor stage near the docks at Gimli.



Gimli Fireworks




Royal Canoe



I never saw a smoke machine (?)



Royal Canoe needs two drummers



The Kiwanis Chip Truck



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