Islendingadagurinn Icelandic Festival, July 29 2011

Leif Norman has been the official photographer for the Manitoba Icelandic Festival since 2010; so, that’s two years.

Gimli Manitoba Canada

Leif’s photo from last year’s Parade was used on the cover of this year’s Icelandic Fest Program:

122nd Annual Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Souvenir Program $5
Dragonflies own Gimli
Tergesens does not put up with any nonsense
Gimli got a new Robin’s. It opened in June 2011 (?)

Inside the Gimli Art Gallery

Awesome old Volvo Sport from the 60’s
The Vikings have the tools to fix a pillage.

Pitcher based on a 13th century English design.
Fine sharpening stone from Norway.

Pagans? Christians? A bit of both.

Indigo Wool.
Life in the Viking Village
Icelandic Baked goods at the local Tip Top

Vintage nail bomb graffiti art in Gimli.
Ben Figler and David Debrecen (and Natalie) busk for the tourists. They are some of the few musicians active in and around Gimli.
All you can eat Perogies in Fraserwood!

Raising money for a Sports Multiplex in Gimli. A pool!
A Hole in one wins a million dollars!
The vikings end up in 2011 at a board meeting in Gimli.
The Icelandic Festival Board meeting.

Wonder Shows in Gimli

The carnival is in town.
Town of Gimli
Rob of So Holy Headcase screams up the place.

Inward Eye

The Dingadunk Pole is ready for action

Inward Eye rocks the Dock

Myron from The Noble Thiefs makes us swoon.
Noble Thiefs Poster for a Toronto gig, June 2012, photo by Leif Norman, Pipe and Hat Management
The Noble Thiefs play Gimli, July 2011


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