Islendingadagurinn, August 1 2014

“Visit the heart of New Iceland, Gimli, Manitoba – just 1 hour North of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and celebrate family, friends and Icelandic heritage and culture.
Islendingadagurinn, as far as we have been able to determine, is the second oldest continuous ethnic festival in North America. Velkomin (welcome), and enjoy the food, events, activities and of course, the Vikings!
The 2014 Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Fjallkona is Hedy Bjornson. The Fjallkona “Lady of the Mountain”, is the female incarnation (national personification) of Iceland.”
125 years of the Icelandic Festival in Manitoba
1875 to 1975 commemorative cup for Isleningdagurinn
Hilary Druxman used the Uruz Rune representing strength and power in honour of the 125th Islendingadagurinn-The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba.

Viking battle in Gimli
A Lake Winnipeg Fishfly in Gimli

Authentic Viking age Helmet and Spear

Viking Camp cooking
Card Weaving

Viking encampment in Gimli 2014

Lovage: a large, edible, white-flowered plant of the parsley family.

Vikings use garlic, dil and lovage

Viking age metal Jewelry

This is what a Viking village looks like
Golko’s Hardware in Gimli. Finally shutting down.

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