Islendingadagurinn, Aug 4 2012

The 123rd Icelandic Festival in Gimli Manitoba Canada.

Unfortunately it rained all morning.

…and well into the afternoon.

They did the IslendingaDunk at 2pm anyway. Only 4 people showed.


Gimli farmer’s market





Viking helmets at the Icelandic Fest, Gimli


The Gimli Art gallery





A Gimli Fish Fly


The pancake breakfast was indoors this year because it was so wet outside



A standard pancake breakfast with sausages


This is where the pancake breakfast would normally be




Big waves on Lake Winnipeg, Gimli



Kids having fun at Gimli beach


Icelandic and Canadian Flags, Gimli


The boats at Gimli, Manitoba


A friendly Gimli harbour staff



The Viking Encampment, Gimli



Viking Shields







Street Performer Christopher Cool




some wild outdoor decorations, Gimli


Nice little cottage in Gimli Manitoba






Some Manitoba wild mushrooms


Some Manitoba wild mushrooms



Perogy and Kulbassa Feast in the Church Basement, Gimli


Carol Kuz sells the Kolbassa tickets!



Ukrainian Fundraiser for the Fraserwood Hall


The ladies are in the kitchen, serving up the perogies








The Carnival is in town











Tergesen’s in Gimli got a whole new siding. I heard the tin was specially made in Selkirk



Mise en Scene rock the stage in Gimli


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