Icelandic Landscape Panoramas for the Art Show Aug 4 2013

I made three digital photo landscapes for the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba’s Annual Fine Arts Show in Gimli.

The photographs were mirrored and doubled horizontally to expand the landscape from the real to the slightly unreal.

I placed a small explanation next to the images:

“It is a common saying that you can see faces in the Icelandic landscape. 

These panoramic images are real photographs that have been flipped and mirrored against themselves to invoke a real/unreal landscape and give the same bewildering feeling of actually being in the magical country of Iceland.

How many hidden monsters can you find?”

The photographs are 13 inches tall and 54 inches wide.

A limited edition of ten of each image will be produced.

You can purchase the Icelandic Art Prints for

$200 unframed

$400 framed

Panorama Art Photo of Goðafoss, Iceland by Leif Norman


Panorama Art Photo of Jökulsárlón, Iceland by Leif Norman


Panorama Art Photo of Urriðafoss, Iceland by Leif Norman
Each photo has the place name and the exact location in Iceland given in Latitude and Longitude


Detail of Jökulsárlón image


The prints were produced on a very high quality printer and have extreme detail.
The image of Urriðafoss by Leif Norman was purchased by the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba and will be in their permanent collection. 2013



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