Iceland; Stykkishólmur to Ísafjörður

Photos by Leif and Casey Norman

Relaxing with our daily soak. Each day Casey and I would find the local sunnulaug and have a glorious soak. This place was actually closed, but they let us in anyway.
Kirkjufell. The mountain that looks like a church.



A nice Icelandic farm with cold and cold running water.


Icelandic Horse. munch munch munch


Snæfellsjökull was covered with clouds the day we visited.


Another amazing Icelandic waterfall on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. þvergil I think it was called.




Stykkishólmur harbour


The ferry at Stykkishólmur which goes North to Highway 60.


Flatey; a small island where the ferry stopped


Near the Dynjandi waterfall. Highway 60 just about killed our Prius
Dynjandi waterfall in Iceland. Quite remote along route 60



Iceland looks like the top of the world; or Mars.


Our Toyota Prius



Highway 60 in Iceland. The worst and best road in the world.


The emergency hut at the top of the mountain. In the winter this shack might save you.



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