Iceland; Reykjavik, August 2010

Mom, my brother Casey and I went to Iceland.


Starting in Reykjavik, where everyone starts, we wandered around the streets with cats.

I discovered Sundhöll Reykjavikur.

The best pool in Reykjavik. I wish Winnipeg had one.

A cool orange bike


A nice street in Reykjavik


Mom, two Icelandic cats and Casey


Many Icelandic homes are made from galvanized corrugated steel. It stops the cold Atlantic winter wind!


You drive your tractor through Reykjavik, but only at certain hours.


Reykjavik means "smoky bay". The bay today is not so smoky.


Casey, Lynda, and Leif Norman in front of Solfar, the Sun Voyager sculpture


A nice bike path in Reykjavik


The Icelanders are famous for customizing off road vehicles. Here is a typical "Super-Jeep"


A strange Reykjavik scene.
Iceland only has ONE railway. And here it is. On 25 feet of track.


Casey enjoys a good soak; at 39 celcius. Sundhöll Reykjavikur.


Sundhöll Reykjavikur. My favourite place in Reykjavik.


Sundhöll Reykjavikur. My favourite place in Reykjavik.


My street


Leif and Mom enjoy a beer


Gull Beer; (Gold Beer)

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